How to become Forensic Nurse

22 Dec


Forensic Nurse is one of most popular nursing careers. Advances in the growing field of forensic science have helped law enforcement agencies bring criminals to justice. From documenting injuries to collecting valuable DNA evidence, as a forensic nurse you will be working on the front lines of justice. You will counsel assault victims, conduct physical examinations and collect evidence. You will also play a direct part in taking criminals off the street by testifying against defendants at trial. As the importance of forensic evidence continues to grow, so will the career opportunities in this exciting new field
Here are some tips on how to become a forensic nurse.
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Make sure you are ready. To be a forensic nurse is definitely a calling. When you thought being a nurse in the emergency room is tough, forensic nurses are thrown in the scene of the crime. They have to administer care in a mobile manner and uphold the law when the need arises. You better be prepared if you want to be a forensic nurse. A healthy and strong body goes hand in hand with a ready mind.
Learn to nurse the forensic way. Nursing in a sheltered emergency room or a hospital room is a different story for nurses who apply their trade in the streets where everything happens. Learning to be a forensic nurse is like learning to be a nurse and a police officer and even a psychiatrist. You should research schools that specialize in different learning for forensic nursing. For example, some schools teach counseling and criminology together with nursing. There are also others that offer psychiatry and pediatrics. So know what aspect you want to learn and stake out the perfect school for your forensic nursing career.
Be a nurse first, and then be a forensic nurse. You may be wondering, “What are the education requirements for forensic nursing?” To be able to become a forensic nurse, you must first earn a registered nursing degree. This can be acquired from accredited colleges or universities. After getting the registered nursing degree, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination. This will allow you to get a license to practice nursing. Forensic nurses are still nurses at the end of the day. Know this protocols and save up for schooling then make sure you pass so you can practice being a forensic nurse soon.

Gain expertise. After getting your license to practice nursing, it is time to be a forensic nurse. In simple lay man’s terms, forensic nursing is just like nursing but with a twist. Some forensic nursing careers include correctional nursing expertise, forensic investigator, legal advisor and consultant, forensic psychiatric nurse, death investigator or even a sexual assault examiner. These add-ons to nursing can be received in universities and colleges as well.
Since this is technically a new career, the prospects are somewhat limited as of late. However, the demand is expected to jump within the next decades. With regards to pay, if you do get lucky and land a job, expect to get paid anywhere from $24 to $100 per hour especially with overtime and on call duties.
Forensic nurses are not your run of the mill healers and care takers. These are highly trained personnel that specialize in saving lives in the field and upholding the law at the same time.

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