International nurse FAQs for NCLEX-RN Exam

11 Dec
Most International Nurse have ton of questions for NCLEX-RN Exam, we post some of them here, If you still have any question, Please feel free to contact us.
Question: What is the NCLEX-RN? Answer: (national Council Licensure Examination- Registered
Nurse) NCLEX-RN is conducted by the national Council of the state Board of nursing USA.

Question: Why is this test conducted? Answer: It helps to build your career as a Registered Nurse in the US.

Question: What is the format of the test? Answer: The NCLEX-RN examination is only provided in a computerized adaptive testing format.

Question: Who conducts the Test? Answer: This test is conducted by Pearson VUE

Question: What types of questions are asked? Answer: The test format will be a multiple-choice question format. In addition, according to the latest blueprint, some of the question will of alternate type. This may include multiple choices, fill up the blanks, click on the graphics, select all that apply.

Question: How many questions are asked in test? Answer: Minimum number of Question range from 75-265, include 15 tryout questions these tryout questions are neither scored nor identified to the test taker as such are being field tested for use on future exam.

Question: What is the Time limit of this test? Answer: Maximum time for exam is 5 hours. A 10 minutes break will be given after 2 hours of testing and an optional 10 minutes break after three and half hours of testing.

Question: Is there a tutorial to practice prior to the exam? Answer: Yes, you will be provided the appropriate time to practice at the testing center prior to the exam.

Question: Is there any ‘Except’ or ‘All of the above’ type  questions? Answer: Yes, there are ‘Except’ or ‘All of the above’ questions.

Question: Are the CAT questions in any preset order? Answer: No, because the CAT is not designed to link one question with another.

Question: Can I skip a question and go back to it? Answer: Neither you can skip the question and nor you can go back to review any questions.

Question: What percent correct do I need to pass? Answer: CAT determines your competence based on the difficulty of the questions you can answer correctly, NOT how many questions you can answer correctly. There is no set number of questions. The number will vary with each person. The computer will end the test when it has determined the candidate’s skill level.

Question:  What happens when time runs out? Answer: In the end, the computer reviews the candidate’s answers to the last 60 questions and calculate competency to determine the pass or fail result.

Question:  When they re-evaluate the passing standard? Answer: The National Council’s Board of Directors reevaluates the passing standard every 3 years. This was last done in 2007.

Question: What is the passing score for the NCLEX-RN exam? Answer: The grading system on the Nclex-RN is either pass or fail based on the computer’s continuous evaluation of your answer choices. There is no numerical score. All candidates must answer a minimum of varied 75items format questions. The maximum number of items format questions which a candidate can answer is 265.

Question: How soon will I know if I have passed? Answer: Depend on the board of Nursing to which you have applied, on average within two weeks.

Question: If I fail the exam, when can I retake it? Answer: You can arrange to re-test in 45-90 days

Question: Do you have to pay to retake the exam each time?  Answer: Yes and the amount depend upon the state board of nursing you have applied.


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