FAQs for Canada Registered Nurses Exam

10 Dec

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The CRNE is a paper and pencil exam offered in French and English. The exam consists of one book, which is administered over the course of four hours.

The exam consists of approximately 200 multiple-choice questions, each designed to measure a specific competency required of entry-level registered nurses. Some of the questions are presented within cases in which a brief description of a case is followed by a group of three to five questions. The remainder of the exam consists of single, independent questions that are unrelated to a case or to other questions on the exam. About 20 of the questions are experimental.
Most International Nurse have may question as to Canada Registered Nurses Exam [CRNE], There are FAQs:
What is CRNE? Ans.CRNE means Canada Registered Nurses Exam. This exam is conducted by CNA to measure the capability of Overseas Nurse in the field of Nursing.

What is the Eligibility for the Program? Ans.Any overseas Nurse having a Diploma or Degree in Nursing with minimum one year of work experience and who is ready to prepare for CRNE and IELTS

How long does it will take to complete the process? The process for Initial Registration will take approximately 3 to 4 months of time ( Note: also depends on the applicant credentials) after submitting all the required documents. After getting the Registration, the Nurse has to book for CRNE Exam (i.e CRNE is conducted only 3 -4 times in an year) . After passing the CRNE Exam, the registration would take 6 weeks. So in total, including work permit, the whole process would take around 8 to 10 months ( Note: Process time may vary depending on applicants credentials, Nursing Council delays,  immigration rules, CRNE exam dates)

How much is the Registration Fee and who is going to pay for it? Ans.The registration fee for Nursing board is approximately CND 200 ( please check the Nursing Board official website for any changes in fee details). And this fee should be paid by candidate through draft directly to Nursing Board.

Is there any possibility to get Permanent Residency in Canada? Ans. Yes, after one year of stay in Canada on Work Permit, you can easily get Permanent Residency along with your family (spouse & children).

Can I move from Canada to USA? Ans.Yes, there are so many people moving from Canada to USA after getting Permanent Residency in Canada. You can also register directly in the USA without writing NCLEX again.

When can I take my family to Canada? Ans. You can take your family (Spouse and Children under 18) to Canada after you secure a Work Permit and Placement.

Can I stay back in Canada without coming back to my country after the exam? Ans. Legally you can stay by changing your visa status. But we always recommend to come back after giving CRNE exam. But there are some people who change their visa in Canada, and not coming back. We recommend you to fly back to Canada along with family after getting Work Permit.

How many days will the exam take? Ans.The exam will take maximum of two days and sometimes it gets finished in one day, as well. So you don’t need to stay long time in Canada to write exam.

How long I need to stay in Canada during exam and where I am going to stay? Ans.As the CRNE exam will be for maximum of 2 days, you can plan your journey for a week.

What kind of visa I get to Write CRNE Exam in Canada? Ans.To write CRNE Exam, overseas nurses can apply for short term visit visa. And it is very easy and secure.

Where should I write this CRNE Exam? And how much is exam fee? Ans.Unfortunately, this exam can be written only in Canada. And the exam fee will be approximately CND 500.

What happens, if Nurse doesn’t get the required IELTS score? Ans.As IELTS is mandatory to appear for the CRNE Exam.

How much IELTS score required to get Nurse Registration? Ans.In Academic IELTS 6.5 overall score with 7 in speaking. But not less than 6 in any of the module.

What is Temporary Registration? Ans.Temporary Registration will be given to Overseas Nurses who are going to appear for CRNE Exam to work in Canada. With Temporary registration, Nurses can work in Hospitals/Nursing Homes with supervision.

What will be the salary in Canada as Registered Nurse? Ans.The approximate salary for Registered Nurses is about CND 42000, but after getting one year experience the salary will go up to CND 65000.
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