International nurse how to prepare Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

9 Dec

In order to practice musing in Canada. All International Nurse to pass Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) first

In Each provincial and territorial nursing regulatory body in Canada is responsible for ensuring that the individuals it registers as nurses meet an acceptable level of competence before beginning to practise.
The level of competence of registered nurses in all provinces and territories except Quebec is measured, in part, by the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE). CNA develops and maintains the CRNE through its testing company, Assessment Strategies Inc., and in collaboration with the regulatory authorities. The provincial and territorial nursing regulatory authorities administer the exam and determine eligibility to write it.
The purpose of the CRNE is to protect the public by ensuring that the entry-level registered nurse possesses the competencies required to practise safely and effectively.
Exam length and format

The CRNE consists of approximately 200 multiple-choice questions.
Question Presentation

Some questions on the CRNE are presented as independent questions and some are presented within cases. Independent questions contain the information necessary to answer the questions, while c ase-based questions include a set of three to five questions associated with a brief health-care scenario.
What does the CRNE test?

The CRNE tests 148 competencies thatfall into four broad categories:
Professional Practice
Nurse-Client Partnership
Health and Wellness
Changes in Health

Learn Plan for CRNE :
this learning plan was compiled to assist you as you prepare for the licensure examination and establish your nursing career in Canada. The learning plan that follows includes a variety of learning activities and is not intended to be an all-inclusive study guide. Refer to this learning plan as often as you need over the coming months. Please keep in mind that while use of the learning plan may assist you in preparing for the CRNE, it will not guarantee that you will pass. Therefore SRNA recommends that you develop some of your own strategies in combination with those listed in the plan.
The CRNE learning plan closely resembles the SRNA Continuing Competency program for registered nurses and graduate nurses. Please visit to view the SRNA Continuing Competency program documents, including learning
Development of learning plans is a continuing competence requirement for registered nurses in the province of Saskatchewan. With this in mind,
the CRNE learning plan was designed to introduce you to the continuing competence program. You will note that there is no column Suggested
Timelines with Target Dates on this CRNE learning plan. The column has been deliberately removed so as to permit you the freedom to prepare
for the CRNE, based on your own learning style and life circumstances. We encourage you to choose from a variety of learning activities and
strategies based on your individual needs and experiences.
The SRNA recommends that you commence your preparation early. You may require as much as 12 weeks prior to the next scheduled date of the
CRNE to prepare for our national examination. Preparation is recommended from week twelve up to and including week zero (the week of the
scheduled writing of the CRNE). For example, if the CRNE is being written:
 in the first week of February, you may need to start your preparation during the middle of November
 in the first week of June, you may need to start your preparation during the middle of March


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