International Nurse How to Find a Nurse Attorney

3 Dec


Nursing in USA or Canada is great job to most international nurse; However, if there was any accident, a Nurse Attorney should be needed to help to handle the case. then how to find Nurse Attorney for international nurse?

The area of law involved is Administrative Law, so you want to look for an administrative lawyer, not a family law lawyer, not a criminal defense attorney, not a medical malpractice attorney, and on and on. Look for recommendations from. there are general 3 methods:
1. you may find Nurse Attorneys via or try:
· State nursing association
· The American Association of Nurse Attorneys referral line (1-866-807-7133)
· State Bar
· co-workers, supervisors (if appropriate)
· sometimes even the Nursing Board will provide names of attorneys that frequently practice before them.

· online
· yellow pages (although most attorneys seem to be placing their advertising money into internet advertising)
· professional journals
· articles


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