International Nurse are better to know Some US Nursing Organizations

14 Nov


There are literally hundreds of nursing organizations in the US, which Offer excellent nursing career required service in US,  and many nurses belong to several. Here are some of the most popular ones.

List of Nursing Organizations

American Academy of Nursing – Made up of 1500 of the top leaders in American nursing, the AAN is a policy and advocacy group that seeks to help both the nursing profession and the general public by generating, synthesizing, and disseminating nursing knowledge.

American Assembly for Men in Nursing – Open to both men and women, the AAMN is dedicated to discussing issues that affect men in the nursing profession, and advancing the quality of health care in America.

American Nurses Association – A group dedicated to working on the most critical issues that the nursing profession faces-ethics and standards, staffing guidelines, the growing shortage of nurses, patient and nurse health and safety, and workplace rights and responsibilities.

American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) – The ANCC is the largest nurse credentialing organization in the world. The ANCC Certification offers a variety of nursing educational services.

American Nurses Foundation – The ANF works for patient and nurse safety and health, encourages more nursing scholarships and research grants, and addresses nursing issues related to multiculturalism and diversity.

International Council for Nursing – This group sets global standards and practices for the nursing profession, in addition to promoting nurses and nursing around the world.

Minority Nurse Magazine – Serves the growing number of minorities in the nursing profession.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses – Promotes and encourages Hispanic men and women who are in the nursing profession, and seeks to increase the number of Hispanic men and women entering nursing.

National Council of State Boards of Nursing – The national organization of the various nursing governing boards of the different states. Works to set nationwide standards for nursing and nursing education.

National Student Nurses Association – The national group that represents and assists people studying for a nursing career



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