International nurse’s Advantages of Sponsorship for nursing in USA and Canada

4 Nov


International nurse may need sponsorship to be able to  practice in USA or Canada.”When I first considered nursing in the United States, I called an immigration lawyer. They said don’t even try it on your own–the paperwork is impossible. With a company sponsoring you, it is so much easier. All the paperwork is done, you just sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and they take care of the rest. I’d recommend having a sponsor to anyone even considering coming to the U.S.”
Melinda Davey, RN
Anyone who has come to the United States to work understands that the process to obtain a visa, proper certification and a job offer can be time consuming and frustrating-especially if you attempt the process on your own. Sponsoring agencies will do the work for you; they set you up with a knowledgeable representative to assist you throughout the process and match you with the right nursing position.
SkyBlue Cross and its Service Agent-a staffing agency that specializes in placing nurses from countries around the world on long-term nursing assignments in the United States and Canada has helped thousands of nurses just like you. Their comprehensive U.S.A. & Canada  program helps nurses obtain their visas, prepare for and pass the licensing exams, find jobs in their specialties, and handle all of the paperwork and other requirements to work in some of America’s top hospitals.



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