Health Canada Nurse’s : Opportunities, Nursing Salaries, and Benefits

29 Oct


Nursing in Canada is little different from that in USA.

Are you a Registered Nurse (RN)?

Nursing at Health Canada offers a broad range of opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge, while working within a collaborative team, in diverse settings to improve the health of Canadians. The majority of Registered Nurses employed by Health Canada work in rural and remote communities across Canada, providing primary health care to First Nations clients. In rural areas, nurses work in health centres offering public health programs and community health services. In remote locations, nurses live and work in First Nations communities, providing primary health care, including treatment and emergency services.

As a Registered Nurse (RN), you will find the work setting offers the opportunity to practice to your full scope. In a health centre setting, you will work with community members to identify health priorities and participate in public health programs to address community health needs, with emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention and community development. In a remote setting, you will follow a primary health care model to address common health problems. A comprehensive orientation program provides instruction in clinical assessment and illness management for clients requiring routine, acute and emergency services.

Nurses at Health Canada are eligible for

  • A regular, 37.5 hour work week
  • Compensation for overtime work
  • Annual NUCHN-03 salary range of $64,401 to $78,100 (based on experience and region of work)
  • Education Allowance for preparatory education through recognized institutions
  • Vacation and sick leave benefits
  • Group surgical/medical insurance, disability insurance, and dental insurance
  • Pension Plan
  • Availability of part-time and relief work

Bonuses and Benefits

Recruitment Bonus
Full-time nurses working in remote and isolated First Nations communities are eligible for a recruitment allowance of $4,500 as follows: $2,250 to start and $2,250 after 12 months of employment
Retention Bonus
Full-time and part-time nurses working in remote and isolated First Nations communities are eligible for the retention allowance after having completed the equivalent of 12 months full-time work. The monthly allowance of $375 requires that the nurse work a minimum of 10 days per month
Isolated Post Allowance
Allowances and/or special benefits apply to postings in designated communities
Paid Return Trips
Full-time nurses are reimbursed for the travelling cost of up to 3 return trips per year out of the community in which they work
Education allowance
An allowance applies for preparatory education through recognized institutions for designated positions

Qualifications for Employment

  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Registration as an RN in a province or territory of Canada; nurses must be registered in the province where Health Canada employment is offered
  • Baccalaureate degree in nursing is preferred for most positions
  • Security clearance; pre-employment medical clearance for northern assignments
  • Language requirements vary, depending on location



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