When and how to Take and prepare the NCLEX-RN Exam

7 Oct

By: www.SkyBlueCross.org
Time is matter for international nurse to prepare and take NCLEX EXAM. How soon after graduation you take the NCLEX-RN exam is up to you, with some caveats. Some eager-beaver types want to take the test 14 minutes after graduation, while others are still dragging their feet 14 months from graduation. Each state has its own rules — of course! — about how long after graduation you need to wait before taking the test, but most states require you to wait 45 days.

You should take the exam as soon after you graduate as possible because all that information you crammed into your brain is still fresh. Many students wait months before taking the exam because they feel that they aren’t prepared. But the longer you procrastinate, the more you have to study, and the less chance you have of passing on your first try. So take it as soon as you possibly can. Most nursing schools provide review courses, so if you’re a recent graduate, you’ve probably honed your test-taking skills in the last few years, and your test-taking ability is at its peak. And the sooner you pass the NCLEX-RN, the sooner you can start work, start helping people, and buy yourself that new Lexus — or pay off your student loans!

Of course, if you’ve delayed getting transcripts, sending in your fees, and paying your campus parking tickets, you may find yourself taking your test later rather than sooner. You must take the exam while your Authorization to Test (ATT) is valid, so the clock starts ticking after you get your ATT. Check your calendar for weddings, births (presumably you’ll know if you’re giving birth any time soon, you’re almost a nurse, for heaven’s sake!), vacations, moving plans, and other personal events and factors that may delay your taking the exam after you have your ATT in-hand.

Plan to take the exam before you get too involved in a new job as a graduate nurse. Job requirements usually take up a significant amount of your time, especially when you’re a new employee. It may be in your best interest to accept a position but not start the job until you actually take the exam. In this period of acute nursing shortages, healthcare agencies want people to start working right away, but it may be in your best interest to take time to study for the exam first. Get it over with, and then start the job with a clear focus on beginning your new career.

Each state determines the requirements for graduate nurses pending licensure. If you’re working as a new graduate nurse, you must be aware of the state rules governing your practice. Check with your local state board for requirements for new graduates and to find out whether or not you can get a temporary permit in the state in which you choose to work.

NCLEX Introduction
The NCLEX tests are required to receive professional licensure in the field of nursing and are created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). The NCLEX means National Council Licensure Examination. Both the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN cover a lot of overlapping material; however, the scoring and number of questions vary between the exams.
The NCLEX tests are designed to be one of the final hurdles in your nursing career. Consequently, the questions focus on your ability to make decisions in various patient care scenarios under critical conditions. The NCLEX test requires that you understand the basic principles of nursing and apply this to different elements of patient safety management. Our free NCLEX questions are designed toward this end.

Many stare at limited funding and the overwhelming task of studying to pass the NCLEX. This website has been created to help students overcome the challenge of the NCLEX questions. The key NCLEX testing tips are stated as follows:
Assess, Assess, Assess: In almost all cases something can be done before contacting the MD.
Prioritize: Delegate to the appropriate support personal and prioritize your tasks.
Review Medical Terminology: Understand the definition of all medical abbreviations and terminology used in the NCLEX questions.
The hours of studying and the class work are finally worth it when you are free to practice nursing after passing the NCLEX, and you have highly sought after job skills.
Please take your time to review all of the course notes and links put together on this site about the NCLEX test and the pitfalls that some students fall into with the NCLEX test. Hopefully you can avoid mistakes others have made when preparing for the NCLEX and will find the following information to be helpful and informative on dealing with the NCLEX test.
Reference: http://www.nclexinfo.com


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