Prepare NCLEX Exam well, and Pass the Exam easily

6 Oct


Many International nurse wonder how o be able to pass NCLEX Exam easily. Assuming you’ve done thorough NCLEX review using a good NCLEX study guide, the most important thing that you can do preparing for the NCLEX is not stress out. A score in the 90th percentile is not required to pass the NCLEX test. You only have to show a minimum level of competency in the field of nursing.

Begin your preparation by sending in your application to the board of licensure.
Then schedule with the Chauncey Group for the exam. Finally, you will be sent authorization to test (ATT).
Next set-up a time that works for you and show up with all the required documents at the testing center for the NCLEX. If you are recently married with a name change, bring your marriage license. You may not need it, but if you did it could cause you to miss your testing time.

**The testing center will require at least 2 forms of identification to allow you to take the NCLEX test.

Don’t make the mistake of altering hair color or facial hair prior to the exam. Your picture has to match the application picture. You will also have to be thumb printed to take the NCLEX. In addition, bring a drink and some snack food for your testing break and wear layered clothing. Students that take the NCLEX in shorts and a tee shirt may find the testing center unbearably cold and be unable to concentrate.


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