Overview of International Nurse Immigration to Canada

5 Jul

By: http://www.SkyBlueCross.org

Canada is wonderland for international  nurse to work and live in


Every year thousands of nurses immigrate to Canada. Here is a summary of the immigration procedures.

Applying and Qualifying for a Visa

Nurses interested in immigrating to Canada can do so under two main options:

  1. Permanent Residence Status
  2. Work Permit

Permanent Resident Status

Living and working in Canada is much easier if you obtain “permanent resident status” in Canada, which is also called ‘immigrating to Canada’ or becoming a ‘landed immigrant of Canada’. A permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years of becoming a resident.

To obtain permanent resident status, a foreign nurse should apply for and be issued a Canadian Permanent Visa.(If a foreign nurse wishes to live and work in the Province of Quebec, he/she should apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection and pay attention to Quebec requirements.) There are several options available to qualify for Canadian permanent resident status.

Federal Skilled Workers/Professionals Program

For a nurse to be accepted as a Skilled Worker, the following three main criteria need to be fulfilled:

  1. Meet Minimum Years of Work Experience Requirements
    A minimum of one year experience is a must. Work experience must be gained within the last 10 years. It should be actual work experience for which the nurse has been paid
  2. Prove Possession of the Required Funds for Settling in Canada
    The amount of funds required depends on the number of family members the foreign nurse has. Applicants should have the ability to economically support themselves and their families in Canada. To prove economic stability, they must have the specified amount of funds as per family size. The funds should not include money borrowed from others. Roughly US $ 12,500 for a family of four would quantify. This criterion does not apply if the foreign nurse has approved arranged employment in Canada.
  3. Earn the Minimum Points in Six Selection Factors
    Skilled Worker/Professional applicants are evaluated on the basis of a series of factors. Each factor is assigned a maximum number of points by Visa Officers. An applicant should have a minimum of 67 points to qualify for a Canadian Immigrant Visa. But, attaining more points does not guarantee a visa. Visa Officers have the right to accept or refuse an applicant for Canadian Immigrant Visa in their discretion. However, applicants who meet the required points rarely are refused entry.The factors, evaluated include:

    1. Education
      Applicants are awarded up to 25 points under this factor. A PhD and relevant experience earns maximum points. The minimum is Secondary School Educational Credential, which is 5 points.
    2. Language Skills
      Up to 22 points are awarded under this factor, which evaluates proficiency in the first or second language of Canada-English or French. A language test is required of those for whom English or French were not a first language.
    3. Experience
      This is the most important criterion, because inadequate points will lead to an automatic refusal. Up to 21 points are awarded under this factor. To get 21 points at least four years of experience are required. Also a minimum, one year is required to qualify at all.
    4. Age
      Up to 10 points are awarded under this factor. The minimum age is 17 years. After the age of 49 points decrease substantially.
    5. Arranged Employment
      Up to 10 points are awarded under this category. This is a government approved job offer, which certifies there are no Canadians ready, willing and able to take the position. It is often not necessary and hard to get.
    6. Adaptability
      This criterion evaluates factors such as spouse’s or common-law partner’s education, authorized work experience in Canada and other factors, which demonstrate the applicant’s ability to economically establish in Canada. Other considerations include periods of study or work in Canada as well as close relatives living there.The same factors do not apply for applicants intending to reside in the Province of Quebec. They are assessed under Quebec selection criteria. See below

Reference http://www.myworkvisa.com


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